Why Your Workout Isnt Delivering?

This is a common problem I hear every day: women tell me they workout regularly, sometimes every day, but they aren’t seeing one single change on the scale or in the mirror. Of course exercise is critical to helping you drop weight faster, but if that is the case then why are you not seeing results from your own workout routines?

There are actually quite a few factors that could be involved here. In this article you will find out the most common problem makers for weight loss.

First, let me ask you… when was the last time you made changes to your fitness programs? Your body is smart, it learns quickly and unfortunately for you that means you have to continuously change your workout plans up to keep it guessing. Without change your body won’t burn the same amout of calories. For example when you ran a mile for the first time you may have burned around 100 calories, but the more you do it the more easy it becomes and now it might only burn 75 calories. Your workout on Monday should be different from Wednesday even… try to up the weight or add a few more reps to push harder. Complete changes should happen every 3-4 weeks with new exercises and reps.

Next, how hard are you pushing? Pushing yourself is really important. When you finish a workout are you feeling the same as when you began. Your heart rate is steady, no sweat on the brow, then it’s time to up things . Want to see results? Then you have to up the “work” out, ways to do that include grabbing heavier weights, doing intervals instead of steady state, decreasing rest times and running faster (if running).

Third, are you lifting weights ? Strength training for women is critical when it comes to burning body fat and keeping it off. Working your muscles you not only burn calories during a workout but for up to two days after too because of a rise in metabolism from the stress of a great workout. While cardio is good for heart and lung health it doesn’t have this same long lasting metabolism benefit, plus it also promotes the breakdown of sexy, lean muscle. Weight lifting is so important and so empowering, so give it a shot.

Fourth, how is your diet? No matter how much you exercise, if you have a poor diet your body will reflect those habits. Clean eating is my biggest recommendation to not just lose weight but to create a healthier lifestyle. Getting rid of processed foods and simple sugars for a diet full of fresh ingredients made to help your body run its best.

Still, if you aren’t satisfied with your routine and results, maybe a supplement under the doctor’s guidance would be helpful to you. Testo Max reviews suggest it be one of the finest testosterone boosting supplements to energize your body and kick start the metabolism. If you are confused, they are suitable for women too! Yet make sure to get a consultation before using.