What Are The Top 3 Best Brain Supplements Of 2021?

Nootropics are a broad category of supplements that improve one’s mental function. The word “nootropic” comes from the Greek roots “neo,” meaning new, and “trophic” to promote growth in this context meaning mental development or intellect. This class of drugs also ranges widely in their activities, with some having stimulant properties, while others are neuroprotective.

Nootropics are generally safe when taken in low doses by healthy individuals, but potential side effects include insomnia, headaches, stomach aches, and other minor issues. On the other hand, many people claim Nootropics are the best way to boost creativity and intelligence; here are the top 3 brain supplements of 2021.

  1. Mind Lab Pro Is the Best Nootropic Supplement

Mind Lab Pro is at the top of our list of best Nootropics because of its tagline, “100% Brainpower TM.” From professional athletes to senior individuals, the company claims to have a formula that works. Of course, it’s a bold claim to say that you’ll be able to achieve “100% brainpower.” But don’t be fooled. They’re not claiming it’s a magic pill or a limitless medication that will turn you into a genius overnight.

Simply put, Mind Lab Pro is a whole-brain optimizer that improves ALL aspects of cognitive performance. On the other hand, many Nootropics target only a few brain circuits that support either focus or brain fog. However, this narrow-minded approach misses out on the brain’s enormous potential. The “universal nootropic” created by Mind Lab Pro is designed to improve practically everything for almost everyone, including:

  • learning and studying
  • test-taking abilities
  • speed of mental processing
  • abstract thinking and creativity
  • state of mind, relaxation, and mood
  • recollection and memory
  • verbal fluency and communication
  • a strategic mindset
  • concentration, focus, and attention

Their label is clear, displaying the exact amount of each ingredient. For optimum performance, all of the active ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are high potency with clinical-range dosages.

  1. Boostx

The second is a supplement called Brain Boost X. This product has been designed to promote healthy brain function and contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin B12 and caffeine that help regulate moods and boost memory skills.

  1. The Best for Mental Energy and Brain Wellness Is the Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind is best for mental energy, Oxylift is best when dealing with cognitive impairment or age-related dementia, and Adderin is great if you have ADHD, in addition, to ADD anxiety or depression.

Performance Lab Mind is the brain supplement that best promotes mental energy and focus. It includes ten different vitamin and mineral compounds intended to provide mental energy when you need it most. The product also includes one amino acid in each ingredient to help in your cognitive function.

Choline is the nutrient in Performance Lab Mind responsible for promoting brain health and leads to increased focus, memory retention, and thought to process. This nutrient also helps you function as an adult, no longer limited by your ability to see shapes or colors. So when you feel like this supplement has made you more intelligent, it’s likely because of the amount of Choline contained in Performance Lab Mind compared to other supplements on the market.

Choline is a builder of acetylcholine, responsible for increased focus, memory retention, and thought to process. In other words, when you feel like you are thinking more clearly, it’s because of the Choline that your body is using to create more acetylcholine.


If you stay focused, you can easily understand all the major brain supplements with great popularity in 2021.