Take Control of Your Body Image with Affirmations

We all have hang-ups about our appearance, but one way to take control of your body image is by using affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you reframe your thoughts and focus on self-love and acceptance. The goal isn’t to completely transform your outlook or convince yourself that you love every single inch of your body; instead, it’s to cultivate a sense of peace and neutrality towards your physical self. Best Practices and Affirmations for body neutrality will center on improving how you think and feel about your body in the here and now, rather than striving for some “perfect” version of yourself in the future.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is an uplifting statement that describes a belief or goal as if it has already been achieved – in other words, you’re affirming something as true even though it may be contrary to your current experience. This can be helpful when working towards a desired state because it helps to ‘trick’ the mind into believing what we want it to believe. Used correctly, affirmations can be powerful tools to help us create positive changes in our lives and in our thinking. When done consistently over time, these affirmations can actually become part of who we are – creating new thought patterns, beliefs, behaviours and habits that move us closer to our goals!

Why use body neutrality affirmations?

Using body neutrality affirmations means focusing on developing a healthier relationship with ourselves – not necessarily one where we unconditionally love everything about ourselves (although that could certainly be part of the process). Instead of obsessing about what size jeans fit best or how much weight we should lose/gain, we learn to simply accept ourselves as we are, without judgement or expectation from others or ourselves. It also involves learning how to move away from negative thoughts associated with appearance – such as feeling ashamed or embarrassed about certain features – to focusing more on overall wellbeing, health and wellness, which brings us full circle back to cultivating a more neutral attitude towards our bodies.

How to get started with affirmations

Getting started with affirmations takes practice – but like any skill, the more you do it, the easier it gets! First things first: understand exactly what kind of thoughts need to be changed before creating specific affirmations that can help reprogram those areas. Once you’ve identified these areas, start writing out several sentences that relate directly to them. Think about how each sentence resonates with you emotionally; if it doesn’t evoke strong emotions, try rewording it until it does! Finally, make sure that these affirmations are realistic yet achievable, so that they can really motivate you to take actionable steps to change yourself internally (and externally!).

How do you make affirmations stick?

1) Repeat them often:

The key here is consistency – repeating affirmations on a regular basis will help them to sink into your subconscious mind and create lasting effects long after they are first introduced into your daily routine! Try to set aside 10 minutes each day specifically to say aloud/write down the positive statements that come most naturally to you.

2) Visualise success:

Before starting each statement, take a moment to visualise what life would be like once the affirmation has been fulfilled; see yourself living positively in accordance with its message – this greatly increases its effectiveness as visualisation helps to imprint ideas deeper into the psyche!

3) Believe & Trust Yourself:

Believe in yourself by faithfully trusting both the process AND the outcome; this will allow space to open up when needed, while also providing direction when needed – it also encourages internal growth along the journey itself, making the overall transition smoother (as opposed to motivation coming solely from external sources).

Keep track of your progress

For maximum impact, keep track of where you started and measure progress along the way, noting small victories, successes, no matter how tiny they may seem on the surface! Additionally, jotting down notes, reflections during/after helps to build confidence, momentum moving forward, allows for greater clarity and understanding of the issues being addressed, plus keeps motivation levels high throughout the journey!

In conclusion

Affirmative statements around body neutrality can be incredibly powerful tools used to foster inner self-esteem growth alongside external feelings of physical transformation whenever applicable! Start gradually implementing the best practice tips above to ultimately develop greater respect, appreciation for yourself, believe wholeheartedly that anything is possible when faith, courage come together hand in hand 🙂