Rapid Weight Loss For Women 5 Tips For A Sexy Body

Are you tired of that extra body fat keeping you from wearing that slinky black dress when you go out on the town? Is it time for you to lose a little weight to feel better about yourself? Rapid weight loss for women does not have to be as much of a chore as you might think.

Although it would be nice if there was a miracle diet that we could take at night and wake up in the morning weighing 10 pounds less and having a toner tummy, however that is unavailable at this time.

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Therefore we have to take some steps to get our weight down and look better. Here are a few tips that should help you to lose weight quicker without costing you extra money for gross prepared meal plans and expensive exercise equipment.

* Pay attention to what you eat and how much of it you are eating. In many cases, we tend to eat comfort foods simply because they are available. If this sounds like you, you should change your comfort food to something that has less calories and fat. Preferably a veggie or fruit.

* Even if you already exercise you should consider increasing the frequency and intensity of your exercise. If you find you often do not have the desire or motivation to exercise be a little more creative. There are several different things you could do for exercise. Consider swimming laps, bike riding, jogging and even power walking is great.

* Replace many of your normal beverages with water. Especially soft drinks and caffeine. Ideally, you should be drinking 10-12 8 oz. glasses of water a day. The increased water will help your body rid itself of toxins as well as give your metabolism a kick into high gear.

* Motivation in any diet and exercise plan is vital to sticking with it. This is also the most difficult thing to do for most women. Try keeping a notepad with you. Every time you begin to lose motivation try to write a new reason why you want to lose the weight and get into shape. This should work in giving you the kick in the pants to get you into high gear!

* In your notebook you should write down what your goal weight is. Be realistic, unrealistic goals will only make you lose your desire to work on losing the weight. It is best for you to set a weight loss goal per week between 2-4 pounds.

Rapid weight loss for women can be substantially increased in efficiency if you adhere to the steps above. These steps will not cost you any money and do not require a lot of your time. After all, what do you have to lose, the weight faster?