How to take care of plants in the aquarium?

Freshwater aquarium plants are a fundamental thing to add to your aquatic ecosystem. While some owners pick plastic plants for their freshwater aquarium, we believe that it is an even better idea to use live plants. In addition to other things, real amphibian plants produce oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide. It also assists with the overall growth of plants in the aquarium too. Plants can also help to improve the overall water quality inside the aquarium. 

Therefore if you have a wide range of plants in the aquarium, then you need to take good care of them. Here are some tips that will help you maintain these plants for a longer time.

  • Pick the right water –

before you pick any plant it is important that you pick the right water for it. Not every plant is compatible with every kind of water and that is why if you place the plant in a wrong kind of water, then sooner or later they are going to die. Picking the right water will allow you to make sure that all the plants remain safe and sound for a longer period of time. Some plants cannot withstand any kind of alkalinity in the water and that’s why you must check it with the florist. 

  • Pick the right space –

there should be enough space for a particular plant to grow. Different plants have unique characteristics and growth pattern. You should always keep that in mind. Just because a anubias pinto takes up little space in the aquarium, that does not mean that others won’t. Some plants can cover the whole aquarium in a few months time. That is why you need to trim them from time to time. If you don’t maintain the plants properly, they will definitely wither away quickly.

  • Good light source –

a good light source can also help you to take care of your plans and let them live longer. Many people see their plants dying too soon because they cannot provide source of light above the aquarium. Lack of light never works well for any plant. They will need a source of light in order to survive and the better it is, the longer they are going to survive. Do consult the plant expert regarding which plant is going to require more lighting.

  • Fertilize the plants –

it is important that you fertilize the plants from time to time in order to keep them healthy and survive for many months to come. A lot of people don’t fertilize their plants submerged in the water and this is a huge mistake that you should avoid doing. Buy a good quality fertilizer for your aquarium plant and use it at least once every month. You can also try out the method of Aqua scalping which ensures that your plants will survive longer than they actually did before.

So here are some important points that you should follow in order to to take care of your plants in the aquarium.