How To Avoid Weight Gain This Christmas

First off, I don’t celebrate Christmas for personal reasons but I know millions of people including you are being jolly about this particular season of giving. Well, this time of the year is also the time where most people eat mindlessly due to plateful meals during Christmas eve. Be warned though about this once a year tradition, you might end up gaining weight after Christmas!

Here in Manila alone where Christmas are celebrated like there’s no tomorrow, plentiful of binge drinking and unhealthy foods during December 24 and 25. The result? Hundreds of people are visiting hospitals for heart attack, hypertension, diabetes and many other conditions. It’s not that different in the western part of the world where Christmas is also celebrated in similar passion.

If you are trying to lose weight or a health conscious individual, health check is important before you plunged into any social gathering party. So in order to stay in shape after the year’s most awaited event, you have to apply a contingency plan to avoid wasting all your weight loss efforts and keep the weight off for good. Below are simple but practical tips that you can apply this Christmas.

Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight this Christmas

  1. Overcome your Food Cravings

Uncontrollable food cravings is one reason why people are putting their health to many risks during Christmas. They don’t know how to control their appetite which leads to weight gain or to a serious health condition. If you can’t control your food cravings, you can trying appetite suppressant supplements that will help curve your appetite from mindless eating.

  1. Focus on your Health Goals

You need to focus on your health goals if you want to stay fit after Christmas. Don’t let the spirit of this event take over your health, but instead you have to focus on your health program. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit or just plain health conscious geek, you need to apply a strict discipline in order to overcome any enticement aspects of Christmas.

  1. Spend More Time with Family

Spending more time with your family during Christmas is much better than any other social gathering sessions. Spending Christmas with friends could highly lead to binge drinking sessions and unhealthy eating, though it is also fun to be with friends during Christmas. Enjoying Christmas with your family is much more ideal because you could control yourself from unwanted eating and drinking parties.

  1. Use Brain Tricks when Eating

Tricking your brain with regards to eating is one way to avoid gaining weight. There have been dozens if not hundreds of ways on how your can ultimately overcome your food cravings through proper mindset. This includes portion control, eating left handed, slow eating and many others. If you can control your brain, you can definitely control your eating habits.

  1. Avoid Alcohol Beverages

A sip of wine wouldn’t cause you to gain a pound but binge drinking will. Alcohol beverages are important commodities specially with events like Christmas. You have to exercise proper alcohol drinking refusal to avoid hurting your colleagues or friends from not joining them. Although Christmas without alcohol drinking might be boring, it will definitely help you to avoid gaining weight.

  1. Eat Healthy

There is no way to best enjoy Christmas but to have a healthy eating regimen. Healthy eating obviously means to avoid unhealthy foods such as processed foods, colas, too much alcohol, red meats, junk foods and many others. Make sure that you opt to eat more organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and water during this event.

  1. Keep Physically Active

Being physically active before, during and after Christmas will guarantee weight loss success. You can do this simply by getting busy from different house chores like cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes and many others. Remember, simple things can help burn calories which leads to weight loss.

  1. Follow your Dietitian’s Advice

Admit it, it’s very hard to lose weight. Ninety seven percent of weight loss success were made possible thru the help of either a fitness coach or a dietitian. So if you can’t avoid Christmas parties, then you need practical advice from a certified professional trainers or dietitian. To start in the right foot, choose an online dieting company here that will truly help you lose weight. You will be guaranteed good results!

  1. Ignore Christmas!

Saying no to Christmas may seem odd to most of you but it obviously offer too many benefits for you. First, you will have less spending ignoring Christmas financial necessities. Second is that, you can effectively avoid all the hassles, parties and all other aspects of Christmas, which of course could mean disaster to your health endeavors. So these are just two reasons why I don’t celebrate Christmas and if you agree, you may follow my habit.

  1. Take Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are an effective supplement that can help support your weight loss goals. There are dozen kinds of pills to choose from such as fat burner, metabolism charger, carb and calorie blocker, appetite suppressant, fat binders and many others. These pills lets you eat anything you want while helping you lose weight and preventing weight gain. To get an idea of the best weight loss products in the market today, take a look at my reviews here.


Christmas season is the world’s most awaited event. Millions of people are celebrating it annually but as I have said, it can ruin your weight loss program and your over all health endeavors. So if you can’t avoid Christmas, you can apply these simple and practical tips to keep you in shape during and after this season of giving!

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