How Can You Turn On Coordinates In Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is one of the best minecraft hosting that provides hosting to the player. This helps the player to create and maintain their private server. To take this service, you have to pay a subscription. With the help of Realms, you can easily create your server that too fastly. The owner allows you to manage the server. There are many other facilities that they provide you. 

To use the realms server, you have to fulfill some requirements: a full version of java, a stable internet connection, and an age of 13 years and above. Now we talk about why it is needed to turn on the coordinates? Then the answer is simple: the Minecraft game is so big that you can easily get lost in the game. It became difficult for the player to find their castle in the game that is why they need coordinates. 

The Reason Why Players Need Coordinates 

The Minecraft maps are a million meters long, so if the player keeps on walking or even running for a full day, they can also not reach the end of the map. Also, The game is so big and has so much land, houses, and many other things that they have to explore. But it became very difficult, or you can say near to impossible, to track all these lands. So this is another reason why the player wants to turn the coordinates on. 

With the help of this map, they can easily keep track of the location. However, sometimes with the help of a map, players can lose track of their location. There are two methods that best minecraft hosting provides you to enable the coordinates.

Enable Coordinates In The New Realm

The easiest way to enable the coordinates is to enable them before uploading the map. In this, the owner can open the setting page and then go to the world setting. There they will see the option of show coordinates. Enable that, and you will see the coordinates on the left corner of the screen. Once uploaded, all the players on the server can see this.

Enable The Coordinates In An Established Realm

Once the realm gets online, it becomes challenging to turn on the coordinates. There are two ways: one is slower, and the other is faster. 

  1. In the slower one, the owner has to go to the setting on the realm list. There you can hit the download map option. Once you download the map, you have to go to the setting and select replacing the map button. So you can swap the map with the coordinates enabled version. 
  2. In the faster method of best Minecraft hosting, you have to console the commands. In this, the owner and the player can type “/gamerule show coordinates true,” and the coordinates will be activated. If you want to turn off the coordinates, you must type”/gamerule show coordinates false” in the chat.

Keep in mind one thing that Minecraft servers do not allow you to turn on the coordinates cheating. So if someone turns them on, then the other player will be restricted from using the actual cheats.

Everyone feels that this setting should be enabled from the side of the owner. But this is not a fact. The individual player can also turn them on from the setting. They have the option of whether they want to see the coordinates or not. Almost all the players want to see the coordinates, but some do not need to enable the coordinates. Then they can quickly turn them off by going to the setting in the game.


So these are two ways by which you can enable the coordinates in the games. If you do not want to enable the coordinate, you also can disable them. With the help of these coordinates, you can easily play your game without losing track. This is the much-needed feature that every player needs and some of the best Minecraft hosting providers are providing you these services. This feature helps many players to play the games effectively without wasting time. Hope you are also enjoying this feature of the game, and it is providing you with a good gaming experience.