Healthy Ways To Lose Your Butt Fat Fast

How to lose butt fat seems to be a popular subject in summer. The image of women in magazines, newspapers, posters, television shows, and movies also makes a woman concerned about their butt. I believe most women have been trying to tone their butt to make it sexier, but most of them are on a cycle that is not beneficial to their quest to lose butt fat. They eat a lot, and then they are overweight, they want to do some exercises to lose weight, and soon they realize that exercising is boring and they need a reward for the previous hard work, they stop exercising and start to eat a lot again. You know, it is not a healthy way to lose fat and cannot bring you the desired result.

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Here, I will go over some of the most effective ways to shape and tone a fat butt so it looks awesome for summer! Let’s lose that fat butt!

Where is Your Butt?

Do you know where your butt is? Weird question, right? Believe it or not, there is someone out there who doesn’t know where their butt is! According to Wikipedia, the butt is rounded portion of the anatomy located on the posterior of the pelvic region. It is formed by the masses of the gluteal muscles (including the gluteus maximus muscle and the gluteus medius muscle) covered by a layer of fat. The butt is a very commonplace for fat to be accumulated in the body. The gluteus maximus muscle is right the muscle that we need to target when working on shaping and achieving a sexy, firm butt. Larger gluteus maximus muscle and less fat can make your butt look firm and attractive.

In order to lose your fat butt as fast as possible, here are the 3 important aspects that you must do.

  1. Healthy Diet
  2. Best Exercises to lose butt fat
  3. Aerobic Exercises
  4. Healthy diet

A healthy diet is very essential to lose weight. I have mentioned the importance of it in the last post “Healthy Ways to Lose Your Arm Fat“. Remember this, a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you need to cut off all kinds of fat, “healthy” and “well-balanced” are the keywords for your diet planning.

Best Exercises to lose butt fat

Doing some exercises is indispensable to get a well-toned butt. These exercises are easy to follow at home and you don’t need to go to a gym. Here, I will share 3 the most effective exercises with you. All you need to prepare is a pair of dumbbell and a step or platform. These 3 exercises are more than enough to tune your butt if you do them in the right way.

1. Squats

I have to say, there are many variations of squat out there. If you are a beginner, I recommend you do the basic type simply with a pair of dumbbell. You can find more information here to help you do it better.

You can also do this frog squats.Very easy to follow. Here is the video.

2. Lunges

Lunge is another exercise you don’t need to go to a gym. There are also many variations of lunges. The drop-knee lunge is the most basic type. You can do it without the dumbbells, just simply lunge forward with a leg quite far then lower your trailing knee to the ground so your shin touches it then lift back up and swing that trailing leg forward to a new lunge dropping the other knee. Don’t forget to contract your butt when you do lunges. Holding dumbbells in your hands will of course make lifting from the ground harder and stimulate more muscle gains and toning.

3. Step Ups

Step Ups can really strenthen the gluteus muscles and the hamstrings. You can just lift one of your feet onto a raised platform and then use the power of your legs and butt to propel your whole body up to stand on the platform without any other help from your body or hands. You should make sure you’re stepping up onto a step that’s high enough to really stimulate those gluteus muscles, about 40 centimeters high should be good. Adding weights in your hands can intensify your movement provake more muscle gains.

4. Aerobic Exercises

Have you ever seen a sprinter or a bike rider with a fat butt? You haven’t, right? This is simply because they do so much running and lunging and all kinds of activities that work the gluteus muscles. If you really want to tune and shape your butt then you should do like they do.

What types of cardio are best for butt toning? It isn’t that hard to choose. When we use our legs, our gluteus muscles are actually working. If you want to shape your butt, just do the way harder than what we do normally. That will provoke more muscle gains and toning.

Here are some sorts of aerobic exercises best for butt toning.

— Hill running

— Bike Riding

— Long-distance jogging

— Stair Climbing

Lastly, I have to say, the most important thing that you should remember is that you cannot lose fat off of only one area of your body if you don’t try to lose your whole weight. Cardio and all kinds of aerobic exercises will work to lose your entire body fat. If you do want a shaped and firm butt, cardio definitely should not be neglected.