Cryptoactive Management Platform Totle Announces Competence To Design Its Own Portfolio

The Totle Portfolio Tournament is an exciting competition that runs on the Totle platform, where participants will design their own portfolio, carefully choosing the best cryptoactives they believe will give them the highest percentage of benefits. Participants, for more than 30 days, will compete for a prize pool of $ 10,000, starting on October 31, 2017.

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Winter is heating up with the innovative portfolio management platform, Totle, presenting its portfolio tournament for the investor who wants to diversify and simplify their investment in a wide variety of cryptographic assets. The tournament will be held directly on the Totle platform, giving participants a preview of how simple and easy to use Totle is. The winner of the competition is chosen based on the best performance portfolio, with daily and weekly winners. Registration for Round 1 of the tournament begins on October 31, 2017 and lasts one week until November 5, 2017.

The competition aims to push the Totle platform before its public Alpha launch in January 2018, and will be the platform’s first large-scale public test, providing developers with valuable insights. Transables on the early alpha version of 2018 will be the ERC20 tokens of the test network. While the competition lasts, participants will market almost all the cryptoactives, as will be the case at the time of the full public launch later in 2018.


Totle not only provides a unique solution for maintaining portfolios of cryptographic assets, but goes even further by helping to solve a number of other problems. Liquidity is addressed, with the result of guaranteeing the satisfaction of the order and the ability to repatriate the money in the free time of the end user. In addition, security is addressed since Totle only integrates with decentralized exchanges.

In the same way, the Blockchain allows other synergistic improvements in the allocation of resources. The price comparisons are instantaneous and completely transparent to obtain the best price for the end user and to minimize the transfer costs from the exchanges. Users also have direct and total control over their cryptographic assets while retaining possession of their private keys when using Totle. Finally, Totle users do not need deep technical knowledge of the market, or how to handle multiple exchanges and purses. Again and again, the first obstacle to overcome and develop the general acceptance of the new technology is to improve the ease of use for the end user.

The co-founder and CEO of Totle, David Bleznak, is an entrepreneur and crypto-investor who found the complicated investment process frustrating. It was decided to simplify things by creating a cryptoactive portfolios tool in which the investor’s experience and needs were placed first.