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CBD Cream For Pain: How It Can Enhance Your Workout Performance And Recovery - Political Parlor

CBD Cream For Pain: How It Can Enhance Your Workout Performance And Recovery

As the popularity of CBD continues to grow, so too makes its application for athletes. One way in which it’s becoming increasingly popular is through the use of CBD cream for pain. Athletes are discovering that this natural and non-psychoactive product can provide various health benefits beyond simple relaxation and stress relief. In particular, many athletes have found that using cbd cream for pain before and after their workouts can help boost performance while reducing fatigue and improving recovery. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can be an ideal addition to any athlete’s workout routine.

CBD cream is a topical preparation made with cannabidiol extract from hemp plants. Unlike ingestible oils or capsules, these creams are applied directly to the skin, where they work locally to reduce inflammation, pain and other symptoms associated with exercise. This makes them particularly useful for athletes who suffer from muscle soreness or joint discomfort after intense exercise. As with all forms of CBD, there are no psychoactive effects associated with its use – meaning that those who use it won’t experience the ‘high’ or other mind-altering effects that can occur when using THC products such as marijuana edibles or smokables.

Benefits of using CBD cream for pain

The most obvious benefit of using CBD cream for pain is its ability to reduce pain in targeted areas. By acting on our body’s endocannabinoid system, this natural remedy can relieve chronic pain more effectively than over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, without causing the harmful side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, by stimulating nerve cell regeneration within the muscles and joints themselves, topicals can even speed up healing times after intense physical activity such as sports training or weightlifting sessions.

How to use CBD cream to improve exercise performance

Before applying CBD cream for pain before exercise, athletes should always ensure that their skin is clean and dry, as sweat can interfere with absorption rates into the bloodstream when applied directly to wet skin surfaces; this could lead to lower bioavailability compared to topical applications on dry skin only. While there is no exact dosage recommendation due to individual variations in body composition (e.g., weight), most people will find a small pea-sized amount sufficient to cover large muscle groups such as those found in the legs and arms during long-distance running events or weight lifting activities; however, larger areas such as the back may require an additional half teaspoon depending on the size of the area being treated at one time(s).

How to use CBD cream for improved recovery after exercise

Much like the pre-workout application suggestions above – post-exercise use should also follow a similar protocol by keeping the skin dry prior to the application while also applying only very thin layers across the entire treatment area; this allows for maximum surface contact so that the cannabidiol can be absorbed quickly, while not leaving excess oil on the hands afterward due to thicker applications than necessary (which could lead to potential staining of clothes/surfaces). Additionally – another option would be to add essential oils such as lavender, which is known to quickly calm muscles after strenuous physical exercise, thus helping to dramatically improve recovery times when combined properly!

The bottom line

Using CBD cream for pain offers athletes many benefits, including an improved performance before exercise along with faster recovery afterward – thanks largely to its anti-inflammatory properties alongside a potential stimulatory effect on nerve cell regeneration within the affected muscles/joints themselves! Whether you’re looking to increase your endurance during competition events or just want to minimize post-workout stiffness/pain, then consider using topical treatments containing this cannabinoid next time you hit the gym!

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