Bodybuilding Supplements For Getting Cut

The body fat layer is saving in adipocytes or in fat cells which are under the skin. If you want to cut unnecessary fats you must decrease fat cells as much as possible. For this goal, you need to make fat reserves empty that body will start to waste saving fats and in this way, you flush out unnecessary fats. It could be easier to achieve this with few ingredients.


Most people think that caffeine promotes fat burning but caffeine has one more essential peculiarity which helps to achieve good results in the “getting cut“ process. Caffeine vacates fats from fat cells and it lets to exhaust fat reserves much faster.

When you drink caffeine it merges with receptors in fat cells. Nucleotide „adenosine“ connects to those receptors and has a big impact on fats separation from cell controlling. It means that in this way we can make a positive influence on fat separation, also decrease retardment, and achieve excellent results in the „getting cut“ process. Scientific researchers prove that particularly caffeine has an effective effect if you consume it before active physical activity.

How to consume caffeine: recommended to consume from 200 mg to 400 mg. Use it 2-3 times a day: 30-60 minutes before sports activity and the rest portion use before meals.


It’s something new for lots of people’s ears but in medicine, it is using for fighting obesity erection problems. Of course, we are interested in „getting cut“, therefore the purpose will be – to cut unnecessary fats in the body. Yohimbe – an alkaloid found in South America. Scientific researches show that „Yohimbe“ has an effective effect and accelerates the fat-burning process (lipolysis).

Although most people know Yohimbe as an ingredient that makes sex life better nowadays this ingredient is known more and more as a fat burner. It is founded in the “Pausinystalia Yohimbe“ plant, in peel extract. Its principle is similar to caffeine but acts in another way. Yohimbe deceives our bodies and makes the body think that we provide fat for it and in this way vacate a place from fats cells. Unfortunately, this ingredient is not recommended for people who have problems with the heart, women with pregnancy, and for nervous people.

How to consume Yohimbe: 5-20 mg during the day and separate it into 2-3 portions. It can be used before training 30-60 minutes.

Green tea extract 

An ingredient that could be founded in all supplements for the “getting cut” goal. Green tea extract increases the amount of burned calories during the day and helps to recover muscle mass. Did you know that green tea extract also reinforces joints? Moreover, this perfect ingredient which operates as an antioxidant, as you know – a healthy body is essential in the “getting cut” process.

How green tea extract operates? The main material in its consist is catechin. It is a very strong antioxidant that suppresses enzymes (it is a ferment that decomposes neurotransmitters and hormones – norepinephrine processes which are responsible for things like calories burning).


Essential as the fat transferor. During fats controlling the body becomes fully limited and it could induce consequences. For our body fats are necessary as fuel, let‘s say mitochondria, cells which are in the organism and use it as fuel also, mitochondria can not take fats good (because of controlling), the body starts to embezzle fats, therefore carnitine helps to provide and go further for fats.

How to use carnitine: 2-6 g per day. Part of dose drink before workout, rest of portion after the workout.


It is natural omega 6 fats group. Scientific researches show that when getting a sufficient amount of CLA our body is losing more fat and promotes muscles mass growth, strength increment. The main CLA operating principle is that it suppresses ferment – LPL (lipoprotein lipase) which allows for fats cells to take fat from the blood and keep it as body fats. When suppressing LPL, CLA prevents the way for fats from accumulating and allows to burn more unnecessary fats.

How to use CLA: 1-3 times a day: with breakfast, during lunch, and dinner.

Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA)

It is an essential source of omega 3 fat which provides to our body eicosapentaenoic fatty acids (EPA) and docosahexaenoic fatty acids (DHA). Was found that EPA and DHA have a positive effect on genes during the „getting cut“ process. They have a huge impact and responsibility for fat saving, also increase fat burning. It‘s a perfect variant if you want to make your health better because omega 3 fatty acids have peculiarities such as: improve brain work, mood, make the general body recover better, muscle mass increment. There were mentioned few very good bodybuilding supplements for getting cut.

It’s also important to examine the effects of these supplements on your body. While cutting helps maintain testosterone levels, it is important because it is a hormone that helps distribute fat and muscle mass. This is important for toning and trimming. You should include dietary supplements, preferably from natural sources, that is the best testosterone booster.