Best tips of how you can use the Robot Vacuum Cleaner perfectly

Have you bought a new Robot Vacuum cleaner? Robot Vacuum are great choice if you know how to use them properly. In this article, you will get some of the best tips to handle your newly purchased vacuum cleaner in the most efficient way.

Have a test run:

You need to understand that the layout for each home will be different from one another. This is why, before using the vacuum cleaner, you should make a test run of the same. It will give you a better idea of how the device is steering underneath and around the furniture. You will also understand where the device is stopping to work. So, you will be able to configure the room’s space accordingly, and the vacuum cleaner will work much efficiently.

Clear the curtains and cords:

These vacuum cleaners tend to get stuck with the cords and curtains present at home. Sometimes it takes the cords along with it. So, before starting the Robot vacuum cleaner, you should ensure that you have cleared all the cords like chargers and others and have tied up all the long curtains properly. At the same time, you should clear all the small objects because they can also get stuck with the cleaner and become an obstruction.

Avoid keeping rugs:

Apart from clearing the room from cords and curtains, you should also clean the room from the rugs. This device also tends to stick with the rugs. Though most of the cleaners have sensors to avoid the rugs, it will become an obstruction for the Robot Vacuum if it is a thick rug. You can keep those rugs underneath some secured places before you start the cleaning work with the device. Otherwise, the main brush will pull the shag and will not suck up the dirt.

Building up the barriers:

Though your robot vacuum works amazingly, you will always want to keep some of the areas of your room not be cleaned with a vacuum. Now, as per the model you have, you need to prepare the wall to protect some of the areas from the vacuum cleaner. Most of the advanced models will have navigation and sensors that will automatically sense those portions you don’t want to be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. For some of the other models, you can make use of the virtual walls.

However, if you have a cheaper model, then you have to manually make a baby wall by any means to stop the device from working in that particular area.

Keep your room free from unnecessary furniture:

If you are cleaning your dining room with the help of the Robot Vacuum cleaner, you need to keep it free from the chairs and other small furniture. In such a way, you will give enough open space to the vacuum cleaner, and it will do the cleaning work more efficiently and smoothly. You can flip the chairs in one corner of your kitchen. Once the work is done, you can again keep them in their designated positions.

Set up of scheduling:

Most of the latest vacuum cleaners come up with the scheduling option. With the scheduling option, you can create a particular time when the vacuum cleaner will start working. So, you can find out a convenient time and instruct the vacuum cleaner to start the work. You can easily go out of your home when the work will go on automatically.  

Robot Vacuum are great choice if you can correctly use the same. Most of the issues you face with such vacuum cleaners will get resolved if you remain aware of certain precautionary measures you need to take.