Awesome Anime Viewing with Friends on 9Anime and Other Sites

9anime is a favorite platform for people who love to watch anime today. That is because the site is easily accessible and provides a lot of big titles on HD quality. But of course, you and your friends want to enjoy an even more terrific anime-watching experience. That is why you should read on for some handy tips.

How to Fully Enjoy Anime on 9Anime and Other Sites with Your Friends

Remember these fantastic notes for an awesome anime-viewing experience online with your friends:

1. Prepare Your Setup

Start by setting up your viewing zone. You want it to be comfortable enough for all of your friends. Of course, do not miss having a stellar internet connection that doesn’t experience frequent interruption. You can get a large and high-quality LCD monitor too.

However, you can also choose to watch anime even when you’re miles apart. For example, you can share screen and audio on a video conference platform. Or just watch an episode individually while chatting. That is perfect, especially when you cannot watch together in your or a friend’s house.

2. Choose an Anime-Watching Platform

next, choose a platform where you can watch anime. Of course, you can simply watch on YouTube, but don’t expect to find complete episodes. What you should find is a site that can let you watch anime hassle-free. And there are tons of options on the web today.

Consider these points when searching:

  • Search for a site that has a massive collection of anime from different genres. That helps you watch any anime without the need to hop from one platform to another. However, be sure that the site offers complete episodes of each anime series too.
  • Avoid free websites as much as possible because they feature a lot of ads. Everybody hates advertisements because it ruins any viewing experience. So, go for paid sites that you and your friends can collectively afford.
  • Consider other features of a site as well. Yes, online streaming is perfect because it lets you watch any anime conveniently. But download services can help you and your friends when you need to go offline too.
  • Avoid shady websites and go for reliable brands. That helps you keep malicious malware at bay, and it keeps you away from legal issues too.

3. Choose Anime Shows to Watch

That’s when you can begin searching for anime, shows to watch together. Here are some helpful tips to guide you:

  • Begin with the top anime recommendations of the year or from the list of iconic animes of all time. That’s the fastest way for you to find an anime show that everybody in your group would love.
  • You can also choose according to the anime genre. For example, choose shonen if you want anime with powerful characters. Shonen animes are generally for male audiences too. Choose shojo anime if you want the magical girl genre, or go for a slice of life anime.

  • Of course, you should choose anime shows that everybody in your group of friends loves. But what if you have different preferences for anime? The best thing to do is consider everybody’s preference. Then give each a turn whenever you group for watching.

Enjoying anime shows with your friends sure is a thrilling idea, especially when you do it through the best online platform. That’s why you should prepare your setup properly, find an excellent platform, and then choose anime shows to watch. But of course, it is best if you would just visit 9anime today for superb anime-watching experience. That’s the best site for streaming and downloading any anime you can share with your friends.