A Side By Side Look At Elliptical Machines And Treadmills

Elliptical machines are the “new treadmill” for males over 40. They provide a person with a complete cardiovascular workout. They can be bought as low as 400 dollars, or as high as 4 thousand dollars.

The elliptical machine combines skiing, walking, and bicycling in its design. These machines typically have screens on them that will display a person’s heart rate while they are working out. Some elliptical machine screens display the calories that they have burned as well.

One of the best factors of the elliptical machine is that it does not put pressure upon the joints of the feet while using. It is different from the treadmill in that aspect, walking on a treadmill puts constant pressure on the feet. There is little to no impact on the ankles and feet when using an elliptical machine.

Another great aspect of the elliptical machine is that elderly people or people who have been injured can use them. People who have had ankle injuries may find it difficult to walk or run on a treadmill because of the pressure that is put on their feet. They will not feel this pressure when using the elliptical machine, because it is not there.

Seniors may find it difficult to walk on the treadmill due to a fear of falling. On an elliptical machine, their feet are set in place and falling in unlikely. Ellipticals also have a multitude of programs a person can choose from.

Some elliptical machines have up to 20 different programs to pick from, these are usually the more expensive ones; the cheaper ones usually have fewer than 10 programs. Ellipticals provide a person with a better workout than a treadmill because they affect more muscles. Elliptical machines have resistance levels that can be altered; this way, more than one person can use the elliptical machine.

The word elliptical means oval, this is due to the motion that the legs form when using the machine. The bigger the strides, the more room a person will have to move around when using the machine. Most elliptical machines normally are designed with 10 to 20-inch strides.

When a person purchases an elliptical machine, they should ask themselves three questions, will it fit my budget, my house, and me? Elliptical machines come in many different designs. Some can fold up to give a person more space in their home, but most should be put together in a spot that they can stay for a while.

Elliptical machines can be found in most gyms nowadays and are being used frequently by gym guest. They focus more on cardio and can help a person shed the pounds off by burning fat without building too much muscle. Ellipticals can be programmed to help build muscle if that is what the person wishes.

Another great factor about elliptical machines is that they can run without the use of electricity. A person will not be able to see their heart rate, but they could still use the machine and get a workout. A treadmill will only work off electricity.

Elliptical machines provide a better, overall workout than treadmills. They will run without power, and they do not affect the joints of the feet and ankles like treadmills do. All in all they are a better source for exercise than the treadmill.