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A Gardener’s Guide To Beneficial And Harmful Pests - Political Parlor

A Gardener’s Guide To Beneficial And Harmful Pests

You’re ecstatic to begin gardening and growing your own food. You create your ideal plan, erect your new Tower Garden, plant your joyful tiny seedlings, and care for your plants with zeal as they flourish. Your garden thrives because you do everything correctly. Then you discover something is awry one day. Your greens have holes in them! When you look closer, you notice a plump green caterpillar devouring your money. We’ve all been in that situation. It’s a letdown of a revelation.

Your initial instinct may be to kill any insects you find in your garden, but this isn’t always the wisest choice. Although certain insects are dangerous and therefore should be managed, more than 85 per cent of the world’s estimated 1.5 million bug species are useful to gardens or just harmless. Agriculture and nuisance pests account for less than 3% of the total. Beetles play an important role in the ecosystem. More than 75% of crops and a similar percentage of blooming plants rely on animals to spread pollen, and the majority of these creatures are insects. Plants are pollinated by bees, butterflies, moths, and even beetles and flies.

Knowing and detecting your garden pests is the first stage in any effective pest control strategy. Whether it’s ground ivy growing into the yard or a rabbit munching lettuce, catching the pest in the process is the easiest and most reliable way to identify it. Animals can also be distinguished by their behaviors, footprints, excrement, and, in rare cases, scent. Most bugs may be identified by what they consume, as they all have favorite dishes and do not eat randomly. Because of their camouflage, size, or the fact that they don’t wait to be spotted, some insects are difficult to spot. Some of species produce distinctive manure. Others can be distinguished by the plant part they eat or the manner they eat it.

To begin, examine the insects in your garden and determine what they’re up to. These are most likely parasites if you find bugs or insects eating on your plants or a cluster of insects in your yard. If you’re not sure if a bug is helpful or detrimental for your garden, you can take a picture of it. You must be able to determine if a bug or insect in your garden is useful or a nuisance after comparing images. 

Pesticides should only be used as a last, desperate resort, according to some experts. Many of us aren’t so logical. On the question of chemical use, we’re more adamant, drawing a line in the sand that completely prohibits their use. (There’s even a section in the book about working with pest control firms so you can be in charge of what they do instead of just standing back and spraying.) This does not invalidate the material in the book, which covers every available strategy and approach for pest management before resorting to the last resort. You, like us, are likely to solve your pest problem without resorting to the use of hazardous chemicals.

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