5 Best Ways To Improve The Anonymity Of Your Dedicated Server

Having a secure VPN connection will not only help you to access some of the websites which the government is not going to provide but at the same time, it can save your device from great many online threats that can provide you a very smooth experience. You will be able to keep the browsing sessions absolutely anonymous by using the best VPN connections. You can go through NordVPN reviews to know more.

Now, you may want to know how you can improve the anonymity of your VPN connection which will help you to keep your device more secure and safe.

  • Don’t install VPN on browser only

It has been seen that most of the VPN users install the VPN connection on the browser. It remains as a browser extension which will provide you anonymity while surfing anything through the same browser. Some of the most reputed companies can provide you browser extension for multiple browsers. However, it is not going to provide you overall anonymity. Rather than installing the VPN only on the browser, you should always install the same on the OS platform so that you can get complete anonymity by this.

  • Install the VPN in all devices

If you really want to get the best benefits of the VPN connection you are using, then it will be important to install the VPN connection in all the devices you have. You should install the VPN connection in Linux machines, computers, mobile phones, smart TVs and even in the game consoles. It is true that you cannot install the VPN connection on your smart TV or the game console directly. However, you can easily install the same on your router.

  • Check the DNS leak and private connection

Even if you are using the best VPN connection it will not give a guarantee that your online activities are going absolutely anonymous. There may be a chance that your private connection is leaking your IP address. You should check the same by using a few websites. You should check whether the connection you are using is absolutely private before you start doing all the activities online. You should use the checker websites of DNS leak and IP address before you become absolutely sure about the security of the private connection.

  • Check the firewall feature

Even if you are using the best VPN connection you should check whether the firewall is always on for your device or not. When the VPN will experience the connection drop, there will be chance of leakage of your real information online. To prevent the same you should always keep the kill switch on. By this you will be able to switch off the whole connection when you are experiencing any sort of connection drops.

  • Use dedicated IP address

Rather than using the shared IP address you should go for those VPN connection which will allow you to use a dedicated IP address. By this way you are going to get the full anonymity because you will be the only user of that IP address. As per the privacy protect benefits are concern, you will get the best experience of the same in this way. You can take help of NordVPN reviews for knowing more.